A few chick flicks that have given BAD messages.

Okay, so in today’s post I may or may not ruin your favourite romantic film. Sorry not sorry.

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Now, we all love a good romantic or funny chick flick. But over the years as I’ve got older, I have re-evaluated a lot of the films I’ve watched growing up and realised how poisonous their messages are. There are some things that should not be glamorised, yet they are in many, many films we watch!

Here is my list of a few chick flicks that I feel have given us some awful, awful messages:

Never Been Kissed

Now hand on heart, I love Drew Barrymore in general. But this film, I just cannot I’m sorry. What’s wrong with this film you ask? Well, it glamorises GROOMING. Think about it, long and hard, we know that her character is ‘undercover’ and really an adult. Her teacher… does not. So he is basically hitting on and grooming a potential teenager. Like that whole Ferris wheel scene is beyond creepy when you look at it that way. And yes, okay she was an adult really but the film is still giving off a pervert teacher vibe that I cannot get on board with.

Teacher/pupil relationships should not be romanticised.


I mean, I genuinely can’t stand Grease. Not even the songs. But in case you’re wondering how on Earth can Grease be giving out bad messages? Allow me to break it down for you: He treated her like shit throughout a majority of the film because he was worried about his reputation, and she ended up changing everything about herself and even started smoking just so he would like her again. I mean, yes this is a very old film and therefore was probably ‘okay’ back then because let’s face it, a lot of shitty things were allowed then. But no, sorry Grease, I’m not having it. Bad morals.

That scene in Love Actually

Be serious for a minute people. Imagine your best friend knocking on the door telling your partner they’re in love with them while you are oblivious in the other room. It’s not romantic. It’s actually kinda messed up. And the Colin Firth storyline in that film is also weird, they don’t even have a proper conversation and yet decide to get married? We could probably fault every love story in that film to be fair.

There are also films that claim to be more ‘feminist’ but they still always have to end up with a guy. Examples: isn’t it romantic, always be my maybe, I feel pretty..

As cute as some chick flicks are, they are constantly giving us this narrative that women must look good to bag a man and that a man is always the end goal.

So, what about those of us who haven’t found a man yet? Or decide marriage isn’t for us? Or want to be alone? Are we failures? Losers? Do you see where I’m going with this?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not anti-love. I love love. I love the idea of being in love with someone, it just hasn’t happened for me yet. But what I am sick and tired of is that we are expected to just be okay with the narrative that women have to look a certain way, being groomed by older men is normal, if you don’t have a man you’re rubbish at living etc.

I sadly think we have a long way to go before we find ourselves a badass film about a girl who doesn’t end up with the man. Or just legit doesn’t need one.

I hope I haven’t spoiled your favourite films too much, but hey, there are more realistic films out there then a man chasing you through an airport to confess his undying love for you, you know, films like Avengers, and stuff like that.


  1. All three films are my favorite. Especially Greese. However, I not here to argue with you. Everyone has their point of view. Btw, your opinions on these movies are quite interesting. Thank you for sharing.

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