Hey there! So apparently it’s a thing to tell people about yourself on your blog so here is a little about me page in case you wanted to be a bit nosey.

The basic facts:

My name is Zoë. I’m 35. I spend a lot of my time reading books, writing, blogging or getting tattoos haha!

Favourite Films:

• Scream • American Psycho • E.T • Titanic • IT (the remakes) • Sweet Home Alabama • The Silence of The Lambs • Halloween H20 • He’s just not that into you • Practical Magic • Man Up •

Dreams & Goals;

• To be a successful published writer • To complete a good novel (or 5) • To find love • Make something of myself • Be content with myself •

Favourite TV shows:

One Tree Hill • Loki • Vikings • The Walking Dead • This is Us • The Golden Girls • Love, Victor • American Horror Story (Hotel, 1984 & Coven were the best) • The Mandalorian •

I will update with some more info later. However if there’s ever any thing you want to know feel free to drop me a message on email or Twitter: my Twitter is tippy_toes86